Get to know our Ocean Safety Team


Monty Downs M.D.,   President and ER Physician Wilcox Memorial
James Jung Esq., V.P., retired Kauai Public Defender and very active community humanitarian
Laola A’ea, Secretary and renowned water woman and ocean safety educator
Pat Durkin, Treasurer and proprietor of Aquatic Safety Management


Kalani Vierra, Kauai Ocean Safety Division (KOSD) Supervisor
Gerald Hurd, KOSD Training and Prevention Supervisor (Lieutenant)
Kaleo Lopez, KOSD Eastside Supervisor (Lieutenant)
James Ingham, KOSD Northshore Supervisor (Captain)
Julian Coiner, ex-KOSD Lifeguard and very active community humanitarian
Don Rohrer, retired Supervisor of L.A. County Lifeguards
Robert Westerman  Kauai Fire Chief- board ex officio


Chad Listman, KOSD Northshore Supervisor (Lieutenant)
Dave Duncan,  KOSD Ocean Safety Officer (Westside)
Vicki Sterne, developer of Kauai Beach Guide App
MartY Collins, Trauma Coordinator, Wilcox Memorial Hospital
George Simpson, ex-Lifeguard and community humanitarian
Roy Yamagata, KOSD Southwest District Supervisor (Captain)
Carol Pratt, long-time ocean safety advocate and community humanitarian
Eva LaBarge, Public Relations Director, Wilcox Memorial Hospital
Bridget Velasco, State of HI Dept. of Health Ocean Safety Director
Lauryn Duterte, KOSD Clerk
Andy Melamed: Marketing Director- Consultant
Chantal Hashimoto Zarbaugh: Marketing and Event Director