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LIFEGUARD TOWER SPONSORSHIP: We promote ten different towers on Kauai over the year focusing on the lifeguard team at each location and encouraging all beach goers to rely on our lifeguards for information, as well as, where our safest beaches and tower locations are. You can choose which of the ten towers you wish to represent. Support of the

Tower of Power award for the “team of the year” is cross promoted in all media.

ROVING PATROL SPONSORSHIP: There are three roving patrols island wide, with sponsorship of any one of the three available. Roving patrols have prevented drownings and rescues for tens of thousands of lives at unguarded beach locations. Roving patrols consist of trucks, trailers, jet skis, paddleboards, rescue equipment, PA systems and first aid kits. The highly trained patrolling lifeguards give Kauai a broader reach for safety. There are 60 beaches on Kauai with 10 operating towers. Having patrols at unguarded beaches is a proactive measure to HELP SAVE LIVES daily.

OCEAN TRAILER SPONSORSHIP: KLA has two trailers. One is an 18-foot trailer equipped with TV screens on the side that show safety videos and displays for the public to see, with regards to ocean safety equipment and safety actions. This trailer is used in parades, festivals, fairs and schools, making a positive impression and taking the lifeguards out of the tower and into the community. The second trailer serves as a transport vehicle for the increased need for equipment during the Keiki Junior Lifeguard program.

RESCUE TUBE SPONSORSHIP: Over 220 rescue tube stands with displays on how to use them properly are positioned at beaches island-wide for use 24 hours a day, every day! This rescue tube program is responsible for saving hundreds of lives. There are hundreds of documented rescues by the general public that wouldn’t be possible without a massive effort in serving and maintaining the tubes as well as illustrating how to properly use them. Your sponsorship in one of the three regions helps support this program annually.

KEIKI OR JUNIOR LIFEGUARD TRAINING SESSIONS SPONSORSHIP: Our program has grown from 75 keiki the first year to 550 keiki this past year, ages 8-17 years old. In 2018, a strategy includes training for up to 900 keiki. The free program has delivered 13 state championships in the past 14 years, with our top performers competing in national competitions. You will have a chance to either sponsor a training session, competition at a local or state national event, travel assistance for competitions or awards to be given to our top performers who demonstrated Aloha! (Title sponsorships also available)

BROCHURE SPONSORSHIP: Over 220,000 brochures made available for distribution annually and they are an educational piece found at concierge desks, businesses and hotel rooms. They illustrate how to recognize rip currents and what to do when caught in one, how to snorkel, how to use rescue tubes, emergency safety measures and where there are life guarded beaches/towers. As a sponsor, your logo will be displayed on the brochure in areas of need.

SAFETY VIDEO SPONSORSHIP: A six minute video details what to expect when at Kauai’s beaches. The video shows the viewer how to recognize a rip current, how to use a rescue tube properly, how to snorkel safely and where our life guarded beaches are located. The video can be downloaded online. Free copies of the DVD are also available with or without captions. It is shown in retail stores, the airport and hotel rooms.

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