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KLA Lifeguards Towers of Power – April 2016 Feature


With over 90 rescues a year and over 100,000 preventative actions and more than 5,000 first aid occurrences, Kauai’s Ocean Safety Bureau and its lifeguards are kept busy. Especially with nearly 2,000,000 beach visits annually at Kauai’s lifeguarded beaches alone this past year!

Most of these actions to Help Save Lives go by unnoticed. Communicating and saluting such actions can provide an inspiration that will spiral into an ocean minded community throughout the year.

Every month the KLA will salute a “KLA LIFEGUARDED TOWER OF POWER…. The actual tower will be highlighted on Kong radio, Wala au tv, and in the Garden Island newspaper along with a feature on our website. The salute will detail the dedication these guards represent and representatives from each tower will be heralded on stage during our KLA 4th WAVE Celebration October 22nd at the Kauai Marriot Resort and Beach Club’s Grand Ballroom.

The KLA LIFEGUARDED TOWER OF POWER will be a monthly feature rallying our Kauai community with regards to ocean safety. Illustrating that our island is small enough to where we all can make a difference. Especially regards to HELPING TO SAVE LIVES.


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