Mahalo Beach Bash


  Two important Ocean Safety communication pieces are now available to all businesses on Kauai. A new Ocean Safety video is available for retail stores, activities desks, rental car offices, resorts, hotels, bed and breakfast, vacation rental and timeshare in-house systems.  The video is 6 minutes long and it along with a new six panel Ocean Safety Brochure focus on the same points that can HELP SAVE LIVES when frequenting our beaches.  The key points stressed in both include: utilizing our lifeguard towers for immediate sources of information as well as safe places to settle for the day.  How to identify rip currents and what to do if you are caught in one.  How to use a rescue tube, and the all important snorkel with a buddy system.  The video can be downloaded at or you can pick up a free dvd of the captioned video at the Kauai Ocean Safety offices in the Piikoi Building in Lihue. 

      There are also over 220,000 Ocean Safety brochures available for pick up at the Ocean Safety Bureau.  It too reinforces the key points of prevention.  These complementary services are part of this years Ocean Minded Community campaign that received support from businesses around Kauai thru the first half of the year.  Monies go towards the Keiki and Junior Lifeguard program, access and use of the Ocean safety trailer, continued awareness and operation of the roving patrols at unguarded beaches, printing of new brochures and access to the new video, safety points stressed at visitor industry briefings, maintenance and exposure concerning our rescue tubes, and media campaigns that reinforce going to Kauai’s lifeguarded beaches. The work our lifeguards perform daily in Helping to Save Lives is continuous.  Here are the results of such work between January and May of this year. 


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