Will Help Save Lives!

Over the past 5 years Kauai has seen an 80% increase in beach visits daily to the 10 lifeguarded towers around our island.

With such an increase, as well as an increase in treacherous El Nino weather patterns comes a need for ocean safety and education. Over 70% of Kauai’s rescues and drowning involve our island visitors. It is important to educate the more than 1 million visitors who frequent our shoreline annually.

Brochures, videos, radio, tv and signage is commendable. Reinforcing it with “face to face” explanations concerning safety and warnings “upon check-in” can play an important part in the prevention. Such communications and feedback with our resorts, time shares, vacation rentals and bed and breakfasts has been a challenge.

The KLA plans to host W.A.V.E. seminar around our island over the coming years. Specifically inviting bed and breakfast, time share operator vacation rental, and concierge personnel. These complimentary breakfast meetings will encouraging new ways and new tools to communicating ocean safety in their respective areas of operation. A North shore concierge has specific needs which might be differ from those of a bed and breakfast operator on the East Side to that of a South Shore Vacation Rental mass retailer.

These seminars will be hosted by ocean safety expert Pat Durkin who has dedicated over 35 years to ocean safety on Kauai. The gatherings will also be directed by KLA President Dr. Monty Downs, Ocean Safety Bureau Supervisor Kalani Vierra and emcee Dickie Chang. The 90 minute gatherings will take place periodically on our North East and South shores. The goal will be to create ways of providing more efficient ways to communicate ocean safety to vacationers upon check-in.