Support our Ocean Trailer!


There was an original need to transport Keiki and Junior Lifeguard training gear as our Kauai programs continued to grow from May thru July. As the need continued to grow so did the idea of having not just a trailer but a vehicle that reinforces ocean safety with design, as well as an optional video screen on the side that illustrates techniques and ways to save lives.  The trailer took on an identity of its own.  Now it can be seen not just at training sessions but also “IN TOW” at Kauai’s parades Fairs and community events with our Lifeguards along for the ride meeting and greeting and spreading the word at schools, as well as shopping centers and special functions.

This trailer is taking the lifeguards and their safety programs from the tower into the community, making their goals and messages a face to face reality, while furthering respect for the ocean for all individuals who live or visit our islands and its beautiful coastline.