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There are over 220 Rescue Tubes surrounding Kauai today. Thanks to the effort on Kauai, there are now Rescue Tubes guarding the beaches of Hawaii and Maui.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.18.56 AMThere are even Rescue Tubes now installed on the mainland in NC, FL, SD and soon CA. This map shows the current location of Kauai’s RescueTubes. With the continued support of the community, more will be installed where needed. When you see a Rescue Tube, take a closer look and become familiar with it.Explain them to your family and friends. Tell visitors. Rescue Tubes are there for all of us. Let’s enjoy our beautiful beaches and stay safe Kauai!

Thanks to The Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay, Other Rotary Clubs on Kauai, Hawaii and Maui, The Kauai Lifeguard Association and KONG Radio

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Na Pali Stand Up Paddle Board Race

The 11-mile stretch of the Na Pali coastline will host up to 400 amateur and professional SUP paddlers this summer. This third annual event is growing fast as more and more SUPs continue to take off, up streams, and along our coastlines daily.

Supporting this event and its safety measures will again provide a venue that benefits and reinforces measures to take when mishaps might occur.


Learn more about the Na Pali SUP races on their website.

Kauai Ocean Recreation Experience (KORE)

KORE is a passionate group of Kauai watermen and women, which boasts over 300 participants and volunteers working together to make the beach and ocean accessible to all.

They are dedicated to helping those physically challenged or having special needs to get back into the ocean with the assistance of trained professionals. Their intent is to get our residents and their families to once again enjoy a day at the beach.

They meet at Hanalei rivermouth for a day at the beach once a month!

KORE is an important part of the Kauai Lifeguard Association’s 11 non-profit organizations/programs on Kauai that focus on ocean safety, training, and education. Below is the second of 11 articles on the newly formed “KLA Ohana” — groups that will benefit from the 2012 KLA 2nd Wave “Help Save Lives” campaign.

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Kauai Keiki and Junior Lifeguard Program

Kauai humbly boasts eight consecutive years of Junior Lifeguard championship participation for the State of Hawaii in this program. On Kauai we will be expanding to include a keiki 8-12 year-old training division as well as the 13-17 year-old age group.

Getting Kauai’s keiki into training and competing at an early age helps further instill continued growth and insures its success from a grass roots level.

Providing airfare for national travel for the U.S. Championships is a new feature added to our most successful campaign .

Supporting this event and its safety measures will again provide a venue that benefits and reinforces the measures to take when mishaps occur.

You can learn more about Kauai’s Kauai Keiki and Junior Lifesaving Program by searching

Kauai Explorer Kiosk Displays



These large, weatherproof displays, measuring 3×4 feet, serve as written directives about where the riptides occur, and when it’s safe to swim or surf at that particular beach.

This vital information is meant to avoid a possible drowning or rescue. With up to ten more kiosks built and displayed at specific beaches that receive much resident and visitor traffic, the contributions from the KLA 2nd Wave will insure that the kiosks are properly maintained and kept up-to-date for residents and visitors alike.

Above is a sample of a kiosk at Waiohai. The Kauai Exlorer has an easy to navigate, informative web site and gives handy online information about Kauai’s beaches, surf conditions, and weather.

Hawaiian Surfing Federation (HSF)

The HSF has been in existence for over 35 years on Kauai. It produces body board, long and shortboard surfing competitions as well as stand up paddle board wave riding competitions.

Keiki from as young as seven years of age, up to master and Kahuna divisions get to compete and take their talents to the State Championships as well as Surfing America’s National Champiionships in San Clemente.

Safety awareness before every event is reinforced by our lifeguards, getting all generations to respect our ocean on many fronts.