By years end nearly 2,500,000 beach goers are projected to recorded at our lifeguarded beaches. And yet the number of rescues and drownings on Kauai primarily occur at unguarded beaches like Lumahai, Anini, Queens Bath, Secret Beach, Larsens,secluded eastern and western shorelines, Shipwreck’s Beach and the calm lagoons of our south shore where many snorkeling incidents and drownings occur.

This years KLA 4th Wave campaign accumulated funds from over 240 donors. The money raised is immediately providing two new King Auto Center 2016 Ram Quad Cab four wheel drive trucks, each with over 9000 pound towing capacity for accompanying trailers,jetskis, and rescue equipment. A total of three roving patrol units with jetski certified lifeguards will begin roaming our unguarded beaches from December 1st and will continue to do so annually, every day of the year.

Funds raised from the 4th Wave Campaign has allowed KLA to make donations to Kauai’s Rescue Tube Foundation which features over 200 tubes strategically placed along our shorelines. Additional donations are being made to Kauai’s Keiki and Junior Lifeguard Program which provides free training for up to 500 Kauai youth every summer.

The campaign in 2016 was an example of how our community unites to get things accomplished”, remarked Andy Melamed, marketing and event director for the KLA. In 2017, the Kauai Lifeguard Association will introduce an all encompassing Ocean Minded Community campaign. The campaign will feature communication, training and programs around ocean safety through the year. The campaign will create a multiplier effect of safety and prevention that will extend beyond the lifeguard towers and roving patrols. The campaign will reach residents and visitors alike, placing ocean safety at the forefront daily.”:

Details outlined by Melamed includes attention to our 10 lifeguard towers and their respective lifesaving efforts. Utilization of the new Roving Patrol units will also be featured. A New Ocean Safety video will highlight rules of safety while swimming thru rip currents, use of Rescue tubes, and a new “Snorkel with a Buddy” message. This new video is planned to air at the airport, on line, and will be made available to all hotels and resorts. Ocean safety seminars will be hosted by Kauai lifeguards at weekly timeshare gatherings. Sponsorship and support of our Keiki and Junior Lifeguard program is included. The printing and providing of new Ocean Safety Brochures is planned with a special section devoted to Snorkeling with a Buddy. KLA will also support the Rescue Tube Foundation with coverage as to where to find and how to use rescue tubes. The County’s Ocean Safety Trailer will be at events, parades and at schools around our island. There will be the Percy Kinimaka Award of Aloha to the Junioir Lifeguard of the Year, and the Tower of Power salute to the lifeguard team of the year. These presentations will be at the annual Westin Princeville Resort Jazz and Wine festival in September that supports KLA annually with a silent auction.

Melamed concludes, “All these elements when presented to the community in a variety of ways using social media, electronic and print media will join us together in building an Ocean Minded Community that unites us with one common goal, to Help Save Lives. “

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