With over 2,000,000 beach goers at our ten lifeguarded beaches in 2015, many visitors are now seeking and finding Kauai’s secluded beaches. This has amounted to an extraordinary number of rescues and first aid calls to areas that are unguarded. KLA and the Kauai Ocean Safety Bureau are aware of this problem. The KLA with assistance from our Administration and County Council will be implementing Roving Patrols consisting of pairs of veteran lifeguards. I complete with four wheel drive trucks,trailers rescue crafts, high powered megaphones and first aid gear. This successful approach on Oahu has led to 20% of their force now roving beaches island wide. A similar service for Kauai’s North, East, South and West shores will be in place in 2017 with Roving Patrols from Lumahai to Moloaa on the North shore, Anahola to Kalapaki on the East side, and Shipwrecks to Polihale on the South/West Shores.

This equipment and additional manpower will expand Kauai’s ocean safety coverage exponentially. Up to 80% of all rescues involve Kauai visitors annually. The challenge of communicating to more than a 1,000,000 visitors in the first person on site at our beaches has proven to be the most effective way to Help Save Lives thru pro-active prevention measures.

In the past the Kauai Lifeguard Association has raised funds to provide ATV’s and Rescue Crafts (jet skis), Rescue Tubes, Ocean Safety Brochures, safety videos for tv, radio, and in print. KLA also supports Kauai’s Keiki and Junior Lifeguard Program which has trained thousands of youngsters over the past 19 years while capturing the state championship for 12 consecutive years, and counting!

The KLA 4th Wave campaign will reach into the community and visitor industry throughout the year with rescue tube information, ocean safety media messages, support of the junior and keiki lifeguard program, W.A.V.E. seminars around our island targeting better ways to communicate with our visitors at resorts, bed and breakfasts, time shares and vacation rentals.

The Roving Patrol program seals the campaign together climaxing with a stirring 4th Wave celebration at the Kauai Marriott Resort and Beach Club. Details can be found on the KLA WEBSITE – and donations can be made for various facets of the program including purchase of tables or tickets to the 4th Wave by going to Kauailifeguards.org.

The Roving Patrol hands on approach will be in effect 365 days a year, around our island.

Andy Melamed KLA Marketing/Event director

andymelamed946@gmail.com or andy@kongradio.com

808 482 0218