Welcome to Dangerous Kauai

Welcome to Kauai!

Please be aware of dangers as you enjoy our natural beauty and

Be safe.


  • Rocks are slippery and waves can sweep you out into the ocean.
  • Huge waves can unexpectedly arrive in a calm ocean.
  • The location of rip currents and how to escape if caught in one.
  • Shore breaks can pound you into the sand causing serious injuries.
  • Reef breaks can hold you under water.
  • Crossing streams during and after heavy rains can be treacherous.
  • Lifeguards and local folks can advise you.
  • Swimming near a lifeguard is strongly recommended.
  • Our free Kauai Beach Guide shows the location of lifeguard towers and provides ocean safety information.
  • KauaiExplorer.com reports current ocean conditions.




By Jim Jung

July is National Public Safety Month and we need to focus on beach and boating safety as we head out to beaches and to the sea in our boats. The Kauai Lifeguard Association will help you.

The Kauai Lifeguard Association is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to promote Ocean Safety “in, around and on” Kauai waters. KLA’s programs include: Junior Lifeguard Program, Rescue Tubes, Kauai Beach Guides, Lihue Airport videos, Beach Signage, Water Awareness Visitor Education (WAVE), Ocean Safety educational displays at community events, talks to school children and Boating Safety.

This year, KLA Vice President Jim Jung is teaching Hawaii’s new mandatory boating safety classes in addition to his other public educational activities for ocean safety to mitigate the risk of drowning. Jim is certified by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators, the National Safe Boating Council and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. He has been teaching safe boating courses for ten years and is authorized to teach the new mandatory course.

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